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Rudy Russo  

Welcome !  This Page will introduce you to the variety of  Insurance Products and Services available through us. It lists some of the Products and provides links to the other detailed Pages. Each Page will be updated periodically with current or expanded information. Please check with us for any of your Insurance Needs.

Also because this was intended as a Family  Web Site, it includes some other Business/Products such as Light Construction and also Flag Products. Separate Pages are set up for that purpose. Please visit those Pages :

" The Flag Outlet "
 . . G4Construction

Recently I have become associated with G4 Construction. It is owned by a Family memeber who is conscientious and delivers at a fair price. Information can be found soon at this site .
As a  Licensed  New Jersey  Insurance Producer the Focal Point of this Site Is Insurance.. My Authorities are Life Insurance; Accident; Health or Sickness; Property; Casualty Insurance.

One point to consider this that as an Independent Producer/Broker, I represent the Client in an Insurance transaction, as opposed to being a Captive Agent who represents the Insurance Company. My responsibility is to  look out for the interest of the Client.

 Feel free to contact me with any questions at: or You also call 732-558-8968 to leave a message.

 I am contracted/listed as a Agent for a number of Companies.

Please  Refer  to the Insurance Products and Services Page which list all of the categories of Insurance Products available.

We welcome the Opportunity to provide you with a No Cost, No Obligation Quote, on any new Policy or a Renewal. Consider checking prices . You may be able to save Money by lowering your Insurance Costs.  

  •     if you are turning 65 this year and will be Medicare Eligible give me a call at 732-558-8968                                                                                  



 Please go to the Travel Insurance  Page to gain Access to the International Medical Group Web Site for Information on Travel/Medical and/or Trip Interruption Insurance or click on the ICON Link Below.  There you can review Products, obtain a quote and purchase a policy, all at your fingertips. The process is all within your control

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