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Auto Insurance

( Licensed to Sell Auto Insurance in New Jersey)


 Shopping for Auto Insurance ? Either New or Renewal. Maybe we can help. No Obligation Insurance Quotes are  available from Major Insurers such as Travelers Insurance, Mercury, Progressive and others through us. Just provide some basic information and Email it to us along with contact info. We will get back to you with the Lowest Cost Policy we find. Listed below are some Basic questions to get us started. You can Email them to me at : ,with any questions. Also you can call me at  732-558-8968 and leave a message. I will return your call ASAP.

Basic Information needed for  Quotes
  :   Can also be provided to you in an Email. Contact me requesting such. The list below includes information which would be to provide an accurate quote. Provide only the Information you feel comfortable including. Can be provided Privately on the phone or in person if need be.  
1-) Make and Year of Auto (s)
2-) Name and address
3-) Names and Date of Birth of all Drivers.
4 -) Telephone Number
5-) Social Security Number for one Driver. ( Optional) and should be provided Privately.
6-) Drivers Licenses for all Drivers. Not needed for informal Quote. Should be given Privately when a formal Quote is requested.
7-) If any young / Student Drivers: Any Driver's Training or A Or B grades on Report Card.
8-)  Tickets and Accident History for the past five years for all Drivers.
9-) Year, Make and Model of Car(S) and "VINs"  ( Vehicle Identification Number ) for all Cars. ( Will make Quote more Accurate.
10-) Vehicle(s) Annual Usage Miles. If any are to driven to work, milage for one way.
11-) Approximate Milage for each Vehicle.
12-) Liability Coverage requested ( ie: 100,000/300,00) That is the least we like to write.
13-) If Physical Damage ( Collision and Comprehensive) is needed/Requested. What Deductibles?