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Fixed Annuity Products  

Generally Speaking, these Products are Time Dependent which typically provide a better Rate of Return than CD's or Money Markets. These Vehicles provide you with a Guaranteed Fixed Rate of Return. The Rates are displayed over a set number of years. Different Products are available with different Time Horizons.  One key point with this type of Vehicle is that your Principal is Safe will never be lost with Guaranteed Stated Rates of Return. Product Informational Brochures can be made available.Products differ from Company to Company and are listed for which States they have approval to sell that particular Product. Money Invested and Minimums differ by Product and are availble for Qualified and Non Qualified Monies.  Contact Rudy Russo at If you prefer to call I can be reached at 732-558-8968 . Please leave Message and I will return your call ASAP.

Some examples of Companies we use are : American Equity, American National (ANICO), North American etc. We can provide  quotes from a number of well positioned  Companies . The Rates and product availability is updated every two weeks.

a Different alternative available to provide you with Retirement Income. These products have early withdrawal fees. Also tax consequences if withdrawn before 59 1/2. Please check with your tax

(These monies should be Monies that are not needed and can stay deposited for a long time period. Monies withdrawn early are normally subject to Penalties depending on the Specific Annuity. Most Annuities have Minimums based upon Non-Qualified or Qualified Income. Could be part of a Long Term Strategy for someone of any Age.)