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RMR Work # 3

Vallee Construction is a Company that is committed to providing it's customers with cost effective solutions for their Construction Requirements. They are comprised of two Divisions: a Commercial Division and a Residential Division, which serve those repective markets.

Brian J Vallee ( President) and his Project Team are dedicated and focused on delivering a finished quality product in a timely and efficient  manner for all Projects,regardless of their size.

With 25 years of experience and a tireless effort ,they know what it takes to make their Customers happy.
For more information they can be reached at  732-583-7141 or send an email to

There you will receive courteous and friendly service that Vallee customers have grown accustomed to expect. Brian or George will help you find a unique solution for your individual needs .

You can also visit there Web Site for more information about the Company.
Vallee Construction " Values " you as a Customer and will provide you with satisfactory results for all your Business needs.